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New Client Registration

An accurate client health history is important to ensure that it is safe for you to receive a massage treatment. If your health status changes in the future, please let us know. All information gathered for this treatment is confidential except as required or allowed by law or to faciliate diagnosis (assessment) or treatment.

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Registration Agreement

  1. I understand I will be receiving specific procedures for Massage Therapy to treat my presented condition(s). Therefore I give consent for any Registered Massage Therapist within this facility to perform this agreed upon treatment.

  2. I understand that my personal information is protected and will not be given to anyone outside clinic use, without my written consent, and will only be used for Massage Therapy purposes.

  3. I also understand I must give 24 hours notice of any appointment change or cancellation otherwise I will be charged the full appointment price.

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Date Signed:
September 27th, 2021