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As MIVO MT is designed by Massage Therapists, we continually accept feedback from you in order to keep MIVO perfectly suited to your practice!

Save money on administration/office supplies/alternate software
Integrate clinic-therapists-clients
Improve tracking and overall management
Diminish potential for errors
Go Green! support your environment
Fluid staff changes and clinic operations
Cost effective only pay for funtions that you use!
On-hand orthopedic assessments
CMTO standard paperwork
Reduce typing drop down menu's
On/Off-site Health History forms
Superior client/facility protection

Individual Therapist
Decrease your overhead
Increase time efficiency
Savvy charting
Acquire more time with clients

Pay less get more
Inter-therapist use
Inter-therapist tracking/reporting
Inter-office messaging system

Individual student access
Student reporting/tracking
Exceptional record keeping
Built in textbook, orthopedic assessment testing
(Canadian Author, David Zulak, Comprehensive Assessment

Upcoming Modules:
Module B – Appointment Calendar
Module C – Accounting System
Module D – Payroll System

Upcoming Features
Spanish and French

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